Ennio Bilancini

Current position:
Associate Professor,
Department of Economics "Marco Biagi"
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

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Courses 2013-2014
Industrial organization (Postgraduate)
History of Economic Thought (Undergraduate)

Research Projects:
[Economics of Dual Process Theory]

Strategic Quotient (S.Q.)
[Psychometrics of Strategic Skills]

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Workshops and Conferences
VIII° GRASS workshop, Collegio Carlo Alberto
9th NCBEE, Aarhus
ASSET 2014, Aix-en-Provence

proudly supporting:

Passed by..
EARIE 2014, Milan
7th Maastricht Behavioral and Experimental Economics Symposium, Maastricht
3rd workshop "Industrial Organization: Theory, Empirics and Experiments", Alberobello
BOMOPAV 2014, Padua
OLIGO workshop, Rome
ASSET 2013, Bilbao
54°SIE meeting, Bologna
workshop on "Behavioral Economics: Science, Philosophy and Policy-Making", Trento
PRIN workshop 2013 on "Institution, Social Dynamics and Economic Development", Bologna
CEPET workshop 2013, Udine
 SAET conference 2013, Paris
ESEM-EEA conference 2013, Gothenburg
GRASS VII° workshop, Pisa
53° SIE meeting, Matera
ASSET 2012, Limassol
GRASS VI° - Francqui Foundation, Rome
Games 2012, Instanbul
ESEM-EEA conference 2012, Malaga
EAIRE conference 2012, Rome
A.S.S.E.T. Annual meeting 2011, Evora
52° Annual meeting of the Italian Economic Association, Rome
V° GRASS workshop, Venice
SING 7, Paris
Conference on "Market and Happiness", Milano
2nd Workshop "IO: Theory, Empirics and Experiments", Otranto
BOMOPA meeting 2011, Modena
RES annual conference 2011, London
IV GRASS Workshop, Modena
31st General IARIW Conference, St.Gallen
BOMOPA  meeting 2010, Padua
Conference "From GDP to Well-Being", Ancona
III° GRASS meeting, Padua
IX° ISQOLS Conference, Florence
Conference on "Relativity, Inequality and Public Policy", Edimburgh
Conference on "Happiness and Relational Goods", Venice
Economia Sociale: il contributo dei giovani economisti, VI Edizione
Reading Group 2008-2009, "What's Cool in Economics"
BOMOPA  meeting 2009, Bologna
Workshop on "Social Choice and Poverty"
Cassino Conference on Well-being: "Are we happy with our standard of living?"
II° GRASS Conference, Bologna
Training course on "Statistics, Knowledge and Policy: Understanding Societal Change"
Bio-Economics Lectures - Pro.M. 2007/2008
Reading Group 2007-2008, "Recent Trends in Economics: Social, Cultural, Behavioral"
International Conference "Policies for Happiness"
Reading Group 2006-2007, "Recent Trends in Economics: Social, Cultural, Behavioral"

old courses webpages
Fall 2009 Game Theory (Postgraduate, Modena)
Spring 2009 Introductory Macroeconomics (Undergrauate, Modena)
Winter 2009 Microeconomics (Phd in Economics, Siena)
Fall 2008 Introductory Mathematics (Phd in Law & Economics, Siena)
Spring 2008 Economics of Organization (Undegraduate, Siena)
Winter 2008 Microeconomics (Phd in Economics, Siena)
Spring 2007 Economics of Organization (Undergraduate, Siena)
Fall 2007 Mathematics for Social Choices (Graduate, Siena)

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